Diversity and Inclusion at F&ES

West Rock
The Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion among our students, staff, and faculty. Yale F&ES is committed to working to change the world through inclusive and effective environmental education. The School is well known as a leader in the environmental community. We believe that by diversifying our school, we can help to diversify the environmental movement as a whole. 


The EQUID (Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity) Committee is the School’s taskforce for diversity and inclusion work. Made of students, staff, and faculty, the committee meets regularly to discuss and define its strategy for moving forward with its work.

For questions about EQUID or if you are interested in becoming involved, please contact EQUID@yale.edu

EQUID's mission is to create a campus environment that pushes us to challenge ourselves and each other to:
  • cultivate an atmosphere of inclusion;

  • grow the cultural competency F&ES students, faculty, and staff

  • challenge systems of oppression

  • and foster a space where a diversity of ideas, values, and perspectives are welcomed and respected.

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