F&ES 950 / 2018-2019

Life Cycle Assessment Practicum

Credits: 3



Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an environmental modeling method that has become increasingly popular within business and academia for evaluating the environmental impacts of products or systems. LCA considers impacts along the entire life cycle, from production to consumption to disposal, and generally provides quantitative information for a range of different environmental issues to inform decisions. This course enables students to develop a practical understanding of the intellectual foundation and standards of LCA, common databases and software packages used, and their application to products and systems. Students are assigned to teams to work with industry partners to apply classroom learning to real problems. The course begins with a review of the basic LCA concepts and hands-on exercises with SimaPro software. In addition, students are given some foundation in the project management details of conducting an LCA study to enable them to successfully complete their independent group projects over the remainder of the course. Regular project updates occur in class and individually with the instructor, and results are presented to industry partners at the end of the course in a professional consulting context. Enrollment limited to twenty-four.

Limited to 24