F&ES 821b

Private Investment and the Environment: Legal Foundations and Tools

Credits: 3
Spring 2017: Th, 2:30-5:20, Burke
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As traditional, regulatory solutions to environmental problems push their political limits and the
public funds available for environmental protection are stretched ever more thinly, private
investment is increasingly seen as an important tool for improving environmental performance –
or, more broadly, as an engine of sustainable development. Additionally, with the benefit of
experience and numerous recent successes, private investment in this sector is now seen as not
only meaningfully improving environmental performance, but also providing commercial returns
and helping to mitigate embedded environmental risks not before identified. Accordingly, with
the improving economic outlook, the multiple and diverse benefits of private investment have, in
certain ways, provided a unique and unifying goal for many parts of government, industry and
the environmental community.

F&ES 821 is a prerequisite for:
F&ES 953: Business and the Environment Consulting Clinic

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