F&ES 821 / 2018-2019

Private Investment and the Environment: Legal Foundations and Tools

Credits: 3


A passion to identify and solve environmental problems needs the support of investment capital, and people who understand how to mobilize that capital, to get the job done.  Students in this professional skills course will learn how law creates the frameworks, both the opportunities and limits, which guide private investors in making investment decisions on environmental projects.  We start the course by examining the goals of private investors, and the types of investment securities they use.  We then explore three areas of law as they apply to investment in the environment: (1) the law of private property, which defines what investors trade in markets; (2) the law of contracts, which defines how investors trade in markets; and (3) regulatory law, including legislation, regulations and other policy tools, that help government and markets address market failures.  At the end of each part of the course, we will look at sample transaction documents to understand how the legal tools we discuss are reflected in those documents, and to provide exposure to the transaction documents that investors use.

F&ES 821 is a prerequisite for:
F&ES 953: Business and the Environment Consulting Clinic