F&ES 818 / 2018-2019

Energy Access in Developing Countries

Credits: 1



This one-credit seminar aims to introduce students to issues surrounding energy poverty and energy access in developing countries. The seminar is organized around certain core themes, with one class devoted to each theme. The themes will include issues around definitions and measurement of access, estimating benefits of access including potential synergies with other Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), determining costs of expanding access, business models and policies for increasing energy service affordability, and the emissions and climate impacts of traditional energy carriers and expanding access to modern energy services. Each seminar session will start with the instructor introducing key issues and important open questions related to the specific theme. This will then be followed by student-led discussions and debates based on readings provided for each theme and independent study and research. The students will be graded based on individual seminar papers they will be required to prepare during the course of the semester and present at the end of the semester. In order to maximize discourse possibilities and levels 

Enrollment limited to 15