F&ES 772a / 2018-2019

Social Justice in the Global Food System

Credits: 3
Fall 2018: Th, 1:00-3:50, Sage 41c


This course explores social justice dimensions of today’s globalized food system, considering sustainability in terms of sociopolitical-, in addition to environmental dynamics. We examine how governmental and non-governmental environmental strategies affect social equity in the food system at multiple scales. We discuss how issues such as land grabbing or food insecurity are connected to relative power on the global stage. We consider how phenomena such as structural violence and neoliberalization surface within the food system, and what this means for sustainability and justice.
With an emphasis on connecting theory and practice, we examine and debate concepts including food sovereignty, agroecology, and The Right to Food that are used by governmental and/or civil society actors to advance positive change. Throughout the term we explore our own positionalities as university-based stakeholders in the food system. The course includes guest speakers; students are encouraged to integrate aspects of their own academic and/or professional projects into one or more course assignments.