F&ES 576 / 2018-2019

PSC: Collaboration, Negotiation and Meeting Facilitation (Meets - TBD)

Credits: 1


Public decision making takes place in an increasingly complicated and challenging policy-making environment. Decision-making processes need to accommodate complex issues and a crowded and diverse field of stakeholders, all of whom seek a voice in the decision-making process. Process management skills are among the unsung and often untaught skills required by people working in environmental management and public policy. These skills include knowing whom to include when working on a tricky topic; planning and running good meetings; developing strong coalitions; assessing disputes well, then building sound public processes based on what you learn; and determining when it might be helpful to have additional neutral support to assist you in resolving a complex public dispute. This course introduces students to some of the key concepts behind when and how to engage the public or key stakeholders in a productive way to address important environmental and public policy topics. The three six-hour sessions each include presentations, small-group exercises or simulations, and large-group discussion of student and trainer experience. Course content  is designed around real-world situations from the instructor’s experience as an impartial public issues mediator and facilitator. Meeting dates to be determined.
limited to 25 (2nd year students are given priority) Students must register for course during the registration period to be considered