F&ES 862b/LAW 21141 / 2018-2019

Science of Science Communication

Credits: 3

Spring 2019: Tu, 10:10-12:00, Baker 122


[The] Science of Science Communication (21141). 2 units. The simple dissemination of valid scientific knowledge does not guarantee it will be recognized by non experts to whom it is of consequence. The

science of science communication is an emerging, multidisciplinary field that investigates the processes that enable ordinary citizens to form beliefs consistent with the best available scientific evidence, the conditions that impede the formation of such beliefs, and the strategies that can be employed to avoid or ameliorate such conditions. This seminar will survey, and make a modest attempt to systematize, the growing body of work in this area. Special attention will be paid to identifying the distinctive communication dynamics of the diverse contexts in which non experts engage scientific information, including electoral politics, governmental policymaking, and personal health decision making. Paper required. Permission of the instructor required. Also PSYC 601b/F&ES 862b/HPM 601b. D.M. Kahan.


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