F&ES 667b / 2018-2019

Seminar in Freshwater Topics

Credits: 1

Spring 2019: Th, 1:00-1:50, Sage 32

This seminar is intended to convene F&ES students with a keen interest in the array of issues pertaining to freshwater sustainability. It’s for one credit, meets once a week, and only for an hour. The overall goal of the course is to get students talking, thinking together, and learning from one another about those aspects of freshwater availability, protection, quality, and supply that excite them the most. 
There will be two kinds of class sessions.  A paper session will involve discussion of a water-related article that is selected by a student and read by everyone else.  A project session will be similarly interactive, but will focus on one student’s research or water-centric project and will involve a 15-30 minute presentation followed by class discussion. The project need not be a “finished piece” because we can all learn a lot from, and provide feedback on, a work in progress