F&ES 595a,b / 2018-2019

Yale Environment Review

Credits: 1
Fall 2018: Tu, 12:00-12:50, Kroon 319
Spring 2019: M, 12:00-1:00, Kroon 319


The Yale Environment Review is a student-run online publication that aims to bridge the gap between the environmental science community and the interested public. Its aim is to shed light on cutting edge environmental research through summaries, analyses and interviews. For the Spring 2019 semester, the YER team will be introducing new content to further engage both the YER audience and the student writers in environmental science communication. Student writers can choose one of two writing options for the semester. First, they can write two pieces, choosing from a Focus article based on a recent peer-reviewed academic article and/or a Spotlight that highlights the work of a leader or researcher in the environmental field. Second, writers can choose to write one Feature piece that builds a story around multiple recent peer-reviewed academic articles on one topic. Through a rigorous editing process and participation in five classes throughout the semester, students will be coached to write for a fast-growing environmental publication. Joining the Yale Environment Review will help students sharpen their writing skills, familiarise themselves with science communication, and publish their work.

Information about applying to YER will be provided during the introductory class on Monday, Jan 14.

Contact Sofia Caycedo (sofia.caycedo@yale.edu) for additional information or quesitons.

Limited to 16