F&ES 978b / 2017-2018

Building Energy and Environment Systems for a Changing World

Credits: 3

Spring 2018: M, 12:30-2:30, Sage 24

Building Energy and Environment Systems for a Changing World is an advanced version of the Narratives to Networks classes taught as F&ES 977 and 978. It is a clinic-based course in which students are given the opportunity to apply systems-based communications to the development of foundations for innovative energy and environmental systems across the public and private domains. This includes, but is not limited to, industrial ecological systems, systems finance, regenerative agriculture, and urbanization projects that necessarily involve multiple stakeholders in the ideation, planning, development, deployment, and sustaining of new energy and environmental systems that integrate science, policy, media, community, and business language determinants into different stages of ongoing real-world projects. The projects are designed to enable students to apply systems communications to forge coalitions among diverse, professional stakeholders to create energy systems to address environmental challenges that integrate people, planet, and profits.
The course is open to all students who previously have taken F&ES 977 and 978 and by interview and application
limited to 25