F&ES 975a,b/Law 30206 / 2017-2018

Advanced Environmental Protection Clinic: Fieldwork: Practice and the Intersection of Civil Rights and Environmental Law (Follows Law School Calendar)

Credits: 1 to 4
Fall 2017: W, 10:10-12:00, SLB - M64
Spring 2018: Time and location TBA

Students will have the opportunity to continue the development of Yale Law School’s new Environmental Justice Clinic and to develop a docket to improve environmental quality and public health in communities of color and low-income communities.  In the wake of a national conversation about the water crisis in Flint and lead poisoning across the country, students will continue to be in on the ground floor as the Clinic represents clients challenging inequality in the distribution of health hazards as well as procedural inequities they face as they seek to assert their own vision for the future of their neighborhoods, towns and cities.  The Clinic’s work includes cases and advocacy projects to enforce civil rights in the environmental context and to address issues of environmental injustice in particular communities
Advanced Fieldwork participants must complete and document hours of clinical work per week commensurate with their credit hours.  Students will also be expected to participate in weekly one-half hour team meetings. Previous participation in the EJ Clinic is a prerequisite for Advanced Fieldwork.  Permission of the instructor required. Open only to students who completed the Spring clinic. In addition to listing this clinic among experiential course selections, previous EJ Clinic students should submit a short statement expressing continued interest in the clinic to marianne.engelman-lado@yale.edu by June 22 at 4:30 p.m..

Only F&ES students who receive 3 credits or more for this advanced clinic can count it as a capstone course