F&ES 970a,b/LAW 30164 / 2017-2018

Environmental Protection Clinic Policy and Advocacy (Follows Law School Calendar)

Credits: 3
Fall 2017: Tu, 12:10-2:00, SLB - 124
Spring 2018: Tu, 12:10-2:00, SLB - TBD
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Follows Law School Calendar

A clinical seminar in which students are engaged with actual environmental law and policy problems on behalf of client organizations (environmental groups, government agencies, international bodies, etc.). The class meets weekly, and students work ten to twelve hours per week in interdisciplinary groups (with students from the Law School and other departments or schools at Yale) on projects with a specific legal or policy product (e.g., draft legislation or regulations, hearing testimony, analytic studies, policy proposals, white papers, memos, etc.). Students may propose projects and client organizations, subject to approval by the instructor. Brief statement of interest required; please e-mail joshua.galperin@yale.edu for information. Enrollment limited to thirty. This course follows the Yale Law School academic calendar.

F&ES 970 is a prerequisite for:
F&ES 972: Advanced Environmental Protection Clinic (Follows Law School Calendar)

Limited to 30
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