F&ES 962b / 2017-2018

Energy Policy Practicum (Information Session - Jan 18 12:00-1:00)

Credits: 3

Spring 2018: Time and location TBA

This course provides an opportunity for students to work on energy policy projects for client organizations. The instructor will facilitate the connection between students and the organizations and advise students on the projects over the course of the semester. Students will work in groups or individually, depending on the nature of the project. Sample client organizations include Advanced Energy Economy and the Western Energy Project. Sample projects include: working with the director of an EV adoption coalition comprised of car companies and utilities to develop an infrastructure proposal for submission to a state utility commission; working to develop model state clean energy legislation and associated policy briefs to be distributed to state legislators; assess the profitability of and fair return for oil and gas development on federal lands in the West. Other client organizations and projects are possible, depending on student interest. The instructor will confer with students on a weekly basis, primarily via teleconference, and periodically on campus. This course will count as a capstone course for second year students, but is also open to first-year students.