[F&ES 960] / 2017-2018

Workshop in the Analysis, Writing, and Communication of Social Science Research

Credits: 4



This workshop guides F&ES Master's students in the analysis writing,and Presentation of prior social science research. It is organized to facilitate the completion of three final products related to the Master’s project:1)a Master’s thesis or equivalent, whose format will be determined with guidance from each student’s primary advisor; 2) an academic article manuscript based on the larger thesis, intended for submission to a peer- reviewed publication of the student’s choice; and 3) a short (15-­minute)  presentation of the research for the spring Master’s research colloquium and/or other professional meetings and conferences.  Note that assignments related to these course goals require significant work beyond that necessary for the Master’s thesis alone.   

Designed as a workshop,the course demands extensive student participation both within and outside the classroom,including involvement in smaller writing groups whose weekly meetings and activities will coordinate with the larger seminar.  Instruction and activities will focus on the use of qualitative social science data, especially ethnographic material.The workshop will also cover the integration of data from mixed methods into project findings, reports,and presentations.The course aims to train students to be come not merely more capable and confident writers, communicators, and researchers,but also more skilled and constructive readers of one another’s work.  Enrollment is limited to twelve F&ES Master’s students.