F&ES 958b / 2017-2018

Interdisciplinary Strategies for Real-World Environmental Problem Solving

Credits: 3

Spring 2018: Th, 2:30-5:20, Kroon 321
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Natural resource and environmental challenges have become increasingly complex.  Solving them requires environmental leaders to understand the scientific, social, economic, legal, and political factors at play; the capacity to develop comprehensive strategies to effectively address them; and the ability to communicate their solutions to diverse audiences.   This capstone course is designed to challenge students to apply the disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and professional skills they have developed to real world natural resource and environmental problems.  Students will work in teams with clients from the public and private sectors on contemporary national and international natural resource and environmental issues.  Client projects will challenge students’ ability to formulate science-based, integrated, and comprehensive solutions to complex problems as well as strategies for their implementation.  Students will be required to present their findings and recommendations to clients in a clear and convincing manner and demonstrate their ability to communicate the outcomes of their work to target audiences (which may include the public, policy makers, stakeholders, and/or the media).

Interested Students are asked to complete a qualtrics survey prior to Dec 30, 2017

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