F&ES 874a/MGT 862 / 2017-2018

Introduction to Responsible Business: Oil and Wine (Fall-1)

Credits: 1.5
Fall 2017: Tu,Th, 10:10-11:30, EVANS - TBD


What is a ‘sustainable’ or ‘responsible’ business?  What does one look like? This is an introductory course to the principles and tools of Responsible Business (including the concepts of ‘Sustainability’, ‘Corporate Responsibility’, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, and ‘Corporate Citizenship’).  This course comes in two parts: I and II. You may take just part I or both parts.  Part II (Wine):The second part of the course explores the grey areas of responsible business using the wine sector as example.  Part II will broaden the exploration of responsible business along several lines.  First, we will broaden the perception of corporate responsibility toward ‘sustainability’ by exploring the interaction between the environment and human society – including culture, religion and the social utility of business.  Second, we will take a deeper look at the value chain (growing grapes, producing wine, responsible consumption) to test the boundary of corporate responsibility (where does a company’s responsibility to environment and society begin and end?).  Finally, we will explore the scope of social and environmental impacts from the micro-scale (e.g. terroir impacts) to the global scale (e.g. climate change and socio-economic megatrends). Although we will use these two sectors specifically to explore these concepts, the learning from this course will be applicable to any corporate sustainability endeavor as well as more applied sustainability courses such as Managing Sustainable Operations (Alizimir), Sustainability in Marketing (Uetake) or Metrics, Tools and Indicators in Corporate Responsibility. Half semester course.