[F&ES 784E/REL912H] / 2017-2018

Western Religions and Ecology

Credits: 2


This six-week hybrid course explores views of nature in the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Students examine historical examples of human-Earth interactions expressed in scriptures, traditions, and ritual practices. In particular, they explore the meaning of “dominion” in Judaism, “stewardship” in Christianity, and “trusteeship” in Islam. Having retrieved these examples, they evaluate them in light of present environmental insights and challenges. Students also explore contemporary examples of how these religions are engaged in environmental projects within their different communities. In these ways students come to reflect upon values inherent in these religions that have helped to shape and inform cultural interactions with nature in the West. This is an online hybrid course; no shopping period. Prerequisite: F&ES 783E. Prerequisites for F&ES 784:
F&ES 783: Introduction to Religion and Ecology (Fall 1 Dates TBD)