F&ES 585b / 2017-2018

Workshop: Growth and Yield (2 dates - Feb 2 & 3)

Credits: 0

Spring 2018: Time and location TBA
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This workshop explores the fields of forest growth modeling and biometrics. Growth modeling involves the projection of forest dynamics through time, while biometrics is the collection, synthesis, analysis, and management of quantitative data on biological communities such as forests.
The workshop is based on a 3-credit, full semester course taught by Dr. Weiskittel at the University of Maine.  Most of the material in the instructor’s book will be covered during the two-day workshop.  Prior to the workshop participants must preview selected portions of the text (recommend planning for 3-6 hours on this task) and review background material for a forest modeling challenge based on a contemporary issue from the state of Minnesota.  

Graded as Satisfactory Completed
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