F&ES 530a/EVST 242 / 2017-2018

Ecosystem and Landscapes

Credits: 5
Fall 2017: M,W,F, M/W - 1:00-2:20; F-8:00-12:00, M/W - Burke; Fri- Sage 24


This Foundations course is an introduction to concepts in ecosystem and landscape ecology. Topics covered include element cycling, food web interactions, species-area relationships, whole system metabolism, models of biodiversity, etc. The course emphasizes how to integrate knowledge to understand ecological patterns and processes at multiple scales in order to study,  manage and conserve species and ecosystems

F&ES 530 is a prerequisite for:
F&ES 624: The Ecology, Economics, and Politics of Species Invasion
F&ES 709: Soil Science
F&ES 733: Synthesizing Environmental Science & Policy