[F&ES 870] / 2016-2017

Climate Change Mitigation and Industrial Ecology

Credits: 3


 This course will examine the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from energy production, industry, buildings, transport and land use. It focuses on the contribution of industrial ecology to understanding the system that gives rise to the emissions, the interlinkages among sectors, and the driving forces behind recent increases in emissions. On this basis, this seminar addresses the analysis of options for emission reductions, using industry and electricity production as examples. It provides a background on selected research methods used to produce results used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its most recent assessment report on climate change mitigation and discusses the implications of methods and assumptions behind models for policy support statements. A few exercises serve to provide an insight into the methods. Students learn to synthesize the scientific literature, develop effective presentations of the findings, and lead discussions. The active participation of students in exercises and classes is required. Grading is based on class participation and a written exam.  
Limited to 20