F&ES 845b/LAW 21508 / 2016-2017

Law and Globalization (First class being held: Wed Jan 18 6:10-8pm - SLB - 110)

Credits: 2

Spring 2017: M, 4:10-6:05, SLB-110
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Please note: First class will begin on Wed, Jan 18 6:10-8pm - Law Schoo, Room TBD

The Law and Globalization seminar is an ongoing Yale Law School colloquium series for the discussion of recent scholarly research on law and policy aspects of globalization broadly conceived. The focus of the spring 2017 seminar is new research on sustainability issues including energy, environment, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and the tensions between trade liberalization and sustainability. We host five scholars who will present works-in-progress on the law, policy, and politics of various issues at the globalization-sustainability interface. On off-weeks, we read and discuss texts selected by these scholars in preparation for their visits. Requirements include: (1) full participation in the seminar, including circulating two short (two-page) discussion papers on the scholarly works being presented; and (2) the writing of either one 25-to-30-page research paper on a topic relevant to globalization and sustainability or three 8-to-10-page essays responding to the papers being presented in the seminar. Students may earn additional credit if they wish to produce a major research paper. Enrollment limited to fifteen.

Limited to 15
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