[F&ES 780] / 2016-2017

Seminar in Forest Inventory

Credits: 2



An advanced seminar that explores the design and implementation of forest inventory. Topics are varied to meet the interest of the class, but generally include the evolution and current status of broad regional and national inventories in the United States and abroad. Each week readings are assigned from primary sources that document the development of, and motivation for, various sampling methods for forest inventory. These include fixed and variable radius plot sampling, 3P sampling, double sampling for stratification in forest inventory, sampling with partial replacement, and line intersect sampling. Time and interest permitting, there is discussion of some newer, more specialized methods such as Monte Carlo methods and randomized branch sampling. A familiarity with the precepts and vernacular of probability sampling or statistics is presumed. Prerequisite: F&ES 751b.

Prerequisites for F&ES 780:
F&ES 751: Sampling Methodology and Practice