F&ES 765b / 2016-2017

Technological and Social Innovation in Global Food Systems

Credits: 1 to 3

Spring 2017: M, 2:30-5:20, Sage 24
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This course examines a range of social and technical innovations aimed at attaining more sustainable agri-food production and consumption patterns. The course will provide an in-depth exploration of different concepts of food systems, and seeks to understand the relationships between these systems’ underlying models, human values, and how they give rise to different aspirations for innovation, intervention, reform, or revolution. The first part of the course will introduce different approaches to characterizing food systems, the values that drive these different approaches, and the attempts to find measurable indicators of sustainability of these systems. The remainder of the course will feature weekly invited guest speakers who will discuss their perspectives on strategies for creating sustainable food systems. Speakers have been selected to reflect a wide range of approaches and experience with specific issues and innovations of importance to the global future of food and agriculture.

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