F&ES 736Eb / 2016-2017

Environmental Ethics (January 23 - February 27)

Credits: 2

Spring 2017: M, 12:00-1:00, Kroon 321
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Environmental issues are closely tied to ethical considerations such as the impacts on public health, future generations, less industrialized nations, and nonhuman entities. This course is designed to provide a broad overview of topics related to ethics and the environment including perspectives of environmental ethics (e.g., anthropocentrism), environmental justice, environmental economics, and climate change. The intersection of ethics and the environment could be studied from multiple disciplines such as philosophy, history, anthropology, medicine, or environmental science. All perspectives and backgrounds are welcome in this course. The purpose of this class is not to distinguish “right” from “wrong” but to encourage critical thinking and discussion on the ethical consequences of environmental decisions and to provide a better understanding of key topics on ethics and the environment. This course is conducted as a combination in-person/online class over a six-week period. Graded credit/fail for graduate students.
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