[F&ES 732] / 2016-2017

Seminar on River Restoration Issues and Trends

Credits: 3



The class will meet once a week to discuss current river restoration practices and issues based upon assigned weekly literature readings and field trips. Topics include stream processes and dynamics, stream types and classification, stream evolution models, rehabilitation versus restoration, urban stream syndrome, hydraulic geometry, reference reaches, naturalistic channel design, dam removal legacy sediments, and dechannelization.
Enrollment limited to eight FES second-year students (by application) with a demonstrated interest in water resources and with previous water resources courses.  The traditional FES 729 River Processes lecture course returns in fall 2016.  

Background in ecology or forestry is useful but not indispensable. Yale undergraduate students can take it with permission of the instructor.
Limited to 8 (2nd year F&ES students)