F&ES 682a / 2016-2017

Multifunctional Carbon-Sequestering Agroforestry

Credits: 3
Fall 2016: Tu, 6:00-8:50, Kroon G01
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This course examines carbon-sequestering agriculture practices and their potential to provide solutions to a range of social and environmental problems from climate justice to land degradation. It introduces a global toolkit of practices old and new, and profile-promising plant species. A key group of species explored is perennial staple crops, a group of trees and other long-lived plants providing protein, carbohydrates, and fats for human consumption. We explore industrial ecological applications of perennial crops for materials, chemicals, and energy. While many tropical species and systems are already implemented on a large scale, the course also closely views cold-climate developments. Participants are introduced to the farm business planning challenges of production in regenerative integrated systems. Diverse strategies for implementation are presented, including policy, grassroots, and consumer-driven options. Field trips explore temperate and tropical agroforestry systems.
Limited to 20
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