F&ES 627b / 2016-2017

American Environmentalism

Credits: 1

Spring 2017: W, 1:00-2:20, Sage 41C
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What is environmentalism? The purpose of this seminar is to rigorously discuss that question and use our answers to better understand why we work to protect the environment, with a constant focus on what diverse environmental perspectives mean for environmental policy and law. This course will focus on the tools and tactics of environmental protection, but also on the values that drive environmentalism. This course will, in part, trace the history of environmentalism, study campaign techniques, and analyze environmental laws, but we will look at these issues in the broader context of what it means to be an environmentalist. Through our discussions we will try to construct a vision of effective and lasting environmentalism for the present and the future while challenging ourselves to think about our own values and theories of change; about why we entered this field in the first place.
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