F&ES 619b / 2016-2017

Practioner's Guide to Landscape Scale Conservation

Credits: 3

Spring 2017: M, 1:00-3:50, Sage 41c
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The conservation of wide ranging species that inspire people around the world and fulfill critical environmental functions is dependent on large wilderness areas, usually beyond the limits of individual protected areas. Conservation at a landscape scale has particular research needs, governance and monitoring challenges and after almost two decades of applying the Landscape Conservation Approach, we believe a book that brings together experiences from some of the most important wildlife strongholds from around the world will provide a key teaching volume for the next generation of conservationists committed to saving the threatened wildlife of the world. This course will be structured around the writing of this volume consisting of seven sections:
1) Introduction - Why Conservation at a Landscape Scale Matters Most of All?
2) Landscape Scale Conservation Planning
3) Applied Research to Inform Landscape Conservation
4) Building Territorial Management and Governance Structures
5) Improving Local Livelihoods through Conservation
6) Who Cares? Local and National Conservation Constituencies
7) Monitoring Conservation Success at a Landscape Scale.
Limited to 15 students - application process
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