F&ES 838a / 2014-2015

Producing and Consuming Nature

Credits: 3
Fall 2014: W, 3:30-6:20, SA10, Rm 322
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This intermediate to advanced seminar brings together readings in social theory with ethnographic case studies to examine the changing means by which elements of the natural world are drawn into circuits of production, exchange, and consumption.  How do environmental goods become conceptualized as natural resources for human ends, and, more specifically, remade into commodities that circulate in global markets?  The course explores efforts to rethink classical theories of economic processes in light of shifting forms of natural resource transactions and use.  Topics examined include agrarian and fisheries transformations; the rise of green consumerism and product certification regimes; and the market valuation of ecosystem goods and services. Course texts are drawn from anthropology and related disciplines, like cultural geography, sociology, and science and technology studies. 

limited to 15
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