F&ES 814a/MGT 563 / 2014-2015

Energy Systems Analysis

Credits: 3
Fall 2014: M, 2:30-5:20, SOM - EVANS 4410
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This lecture course offers a systems analysis approach to describe and explain the basics of energy systems, including all forms of energy (fossil and renewable), all sectors/activities of energy production/conversion, and all energy end-uses, irrespective of the form of market transaction (commercial or noncommercial) or form of technology (traditional as well as novel advanced concepts) deployed. Students gain a comprehensive theoretical and empirical knowledge base from which to analyze energy-environmental issues as well as to participate effectively in policy debates. Special attention is given to introducing students to formal methods used to analyze energy systems or individual energy projects and to discuss also traditionally less-researched elements of energy systems (energy use in developing countries; energy densities and urban energy use; income, gender, and lifestyle differences in energy end-use patterns) in addition to currently dominant energy issues such as climate change. Active student participation is required, including completion of problem sets. Participation in extra credit skill development exercises (presentations, fact-finding missions, etc.) is encouraged. Invited external speakers complement topics covered in class

Limited to 50 students unless larger classroom is confirmed
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