F&ES 812b / 2014-2015

the Politics of Environmental Knowledge

Credits: 3

Spring 2015: M, 2:30-5:20, Sage 32
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Environmental struggles today often involve contests over knowledge and meaning.  This course examines the relationship between knowledge of the environment and environmental politics, broadly construed.  How do people know nature, and through which practices does “the environment” become an object of knowledge?  How does the production of knowledge shape struggles involving the environment, and vice versa?  Drawing together scholarship in political ecology, science and technology studies, and cultural anthropology and geography, this course examines how environmental knowledge is composed and contested, and to what consequence.  It explores thematic areas through ethnographic case study materials.  Course topics include practices and disputes involving natural resource management; the production and debate of technoscientific expertise; and environmental risk, change, and uncertainty.  
The course will be run as a discussion-based seminar of weekly readings.  Enrollment will be capped.  Prior training in social science is recommended (for example, F&ES foundations coursework).   Course requirements include active participation, class presentations, and three short papers.   
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