F&ES 772a / 2014-2015

Social Justice in the Food System

Credits: 3
Fall 2014: Th, 1:00-3:50, Watson Center 60 Sachem St, Rm A74 first Week
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This course explores social justice in today’s globalized food system. We learn about strategies and discourses used by community-based activists,  nonprofit organizations, and scholars in order to understand injustice and work to create a more just food system for all. We begin by developing an understanding of the food system as one that encompasses farm and industry workers; farm owners and collectives; animals and agroecological systems, as well as all those who consume food. Based on this understanding, we discuss various forms of injustice and explore frameworks used by critical food scholars and activists to create more socially just systems. We consider how concepts including food justice, food sovereignty, and critical race theory are applied within the United States and globally, and how they might inform policy advocacy at multiple scales. We also examine ideological debates among current food justice activists and scholars, including the extent to which neoliberalism and racial oppression are reinscribed through alternative food initiatives and framings, as well as the legitimacy of analyzing food systems as dichotomous, either/or arrangements. The course includes guest speakers. 

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