F&ES 766b / 2014-2015

Urban Resilience for Coastal Communities (3 Weeks)

Credits: 2

Spring 2015: Time and location TBA
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Meets for 3 Weeks (Jan 13 & 15; Feb 17 & 19; Mar 24 & 26)

Rapid urbanization of coastal cities and the effects of a changing global climate has created the 
need for the new area of study and the practice of urban resilience. The purpose of this graduate 
seminar is to explore resilience concepts, learn from and apply this knowledge  in collaboration 
with  a coastal community. The focus of this semester's offering will be to examine how 
physical planning and design strategies can merge with  that of coastal hazard mitigation and climate 
 change adaptation. Site-specific strategies which can mitigate the effects of sea level rise and 
catastrophic weather in conjunction with  sustainable design best practices will be discussed, 
researched and applied through a community engagement workshop. The expected outcome of this course 
is to develop topics and content  for an Urban Resilience Primer for an under-served community in 
the Northeast region of the U.S. Hurricane hazards will be the primary  subject of this semester's 
effort. This course is applicable to the fields of public policy, urban planning/design, landscape 
architecture, architecture, and civil and building engineering.
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