F&ES 738Ea / 2014-2015

Himalayan Diversities: Environment, Livelihood and Culture (6 weeks online - Semester 1 & Semester 2)

Credits: 2
Fall 2014: Time and location TBA

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Himalayan diversities course is a six week online introductory course that showcases the Himalayan diversities from the perspective of three broad themes i.e. Environment, Livelihood and Culture. The course is geared towards students and scholars interested in developing a broad understanding of the Himalayan region. It covers the vastness of region that is Eastern, Central and Western Himalayas. Using subject experts in the region, the course provides insights on Biological, Cultural and Livelihood Diversity within the Himalayas. It further engages the students to look at the impact of climate change in the region and what a sustainable future of Himalayas can look like. The course also provides supplementary material for students who are interested in developing a more nuanced understanding of the region and provides direction to where they can find for more information. By the end of the course, the students will have a well rounded understanding of the importance of Himalayan issues, its current challenges and how we can create long term sustainability in the region.
The online course will engage students through weekly reading responses and one hour classroom discussion. The final product will be a 10 page written article on a subject of interest of the student.