F&ES 727a / 2014-2015

The Future of Food

Credits: 3
Fall 2014: Tu, 1:00-3:50, Kroon 321
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This seminar will explore significant challenges posed by the global food supply to environmental quality and human health..The primary obligation is a research paper, dissertation chapter, master’s project, or senior essay draft. We will read critically 150-200 pages per week, and be prepared to discuss or present analyses.

Challenges we will examine include: fresh v processed foods, nutritional sufficiency and excess, radionuclides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, animal feeds, plastics, flame retardants, flavors, fragrances, ingredient fraud, genetic modification, waste, energy input and yield, locality, processing technologies, packaging, and carbon emissions. Corporate case histories will be considered in a number of sessions.  Private innovations in the production and management of food will be analyzed, including trends in certification & labeling initiatives.  Most sessions will examine one or several foods. Examples include: cow’s milk, human milk, infant formula, grapes, wine, corn, bananas, tomatoes, salmon, cod, tuna, sodas, fruit juice, water, coffee, and olive oil

Limited to 16
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