F&ES 683b / 2014-2015

Seminar in Tropical Forest Restoration in Human Dominated Landscapes (Jan 12-Feb 25) First Class Meets Friday, Jan 16 1-2:20

Credits: 2

Spring 2015: M, 1:00-2:20, Marsh Hall
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First Meeting - Friday, Jan 16 1:00-2:20, Marsh Hall Classroom

This seminar is focused on the biological and social science, management and policy governing  reforestation in tropical regions. Topics covered include the ecology and management of native species plantations and second growth forests; and understanding  the social drivers and barriers of restoration;  and becoming familiar with the methodological protocols of gathering and assessing social, economic, and cultural values.  A particular emphasis is placed on tropical Asia and Latin America.  Part of this course will be taught online, part by a series of weekly seminars.
Limited to 16
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