F&ES 669b / 2014-2015

Forest Management Operations

Credits: 2 or 3

Spring 2015: M, 10:30-12:50, Krn 319
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The operational aspects of managing forestland are taught, including topics essential to the professional practice of forest management. Operational aspects of regeneration, intermediate tending, and harvesting (planning, layout, implementation, and post-operation evaluation), best management practices, regulatory and wetlands considerations, and socioeconomic dimensions of field operations are the focus. The ethical and professional responsibilities of forest managers who are responsible for land-altering activities are also considered. The course includes considerable field time to help students utilize their existing knowledge about forests to rapidly assess stands and land parcels with respect to the planning and implementation of on-the-ground treatments. Classes feature local field trips to view forestry operations and to develop and refine field skills. Optional: students can choose to participate in the Southern Forest and Forestry Field Trip for 1 additional credit.

Prerequisites include any silviculture courses.
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