F&ES 663b / 2014-2015

Invasive Species: Ecology, Policy, and Management 

Credits: 3

Spring 2015: Tu,Th, 9:00-10:20, Marsh Hall


Invasive species are disrupting both ecosystems and economies at all scales from local to global. A clear understanding of the nature of the problem, the ecology and biology of the invasive species, the influence of globalization of trade, and advances in management strategies is critical for land managers, scientists, and policy makers. In this lecture/discussion/seminar we focus on current issues surrounding invasive species (both plants and animals) at various spatial and temporal scales in terrestrial, aquatic, and marine ecosystems. Emphasis is on the biology and ecology of invasive species along with a basic understanding of their economic impacts and public policy options to address prevention and management of invasive species. The course includes several local field trips with scientists and land managers.

Limited to 15