[F&ES 661b] / 2014-2015

Analysis and Development of Silvicultural Prescriptions

Credits: 3

Spring 2015: Time and location TBA


This course considers selected topics in silviculture or silviculture-related issues for clients within the Quiet Corner Initiative. It explores the silvicultural options and the development of prescriptions for wildlife habitat, trail design, aesthetics, and wood and nonwood products for private landowners. Students complete prescriptions for landowners and administer their implementation based on management plans developed in F&ES 954a. Prerequisite: F&ES 659b or 660a, or permission of the instructor. 

Prerequisites for F&ES 661:
F&ES 659: Principles in Applied Ecology: The Practice of Silviculture
F&ES 660: Forest Dynamics: Growth and Development of Forest Stands
Prerequisites: FES 659b or 660a; FES 804b; or permission of the instructor.