F&ES 659b / 2014-2015

Principles in Applied Ecology: The Practice of Silviculture

Credits: 4

Spring 2015: M,W, 8:30-10:20, Burke
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The scientific principles and techniques of controlling, protecting, and restoring the regeneration, composition, and growth of natural forest vegetation and its plantation analogs worldwide. Analysis of biological and socioeconomic problems affecting specific forest stands and design of silvicultural systems to solve these problems. Applications are discussed for management of wildlife habitat, bioenergy and carbon sequestration, water resources, urban environments, timber and nontimber products, and landscape design. Recommended: some knowledge of soils, ecology, plant physiology, human behavior, and resource economics. Four to six hours lecture. One hour tutorial. Seven days fieldwork.

F&ES 659 is a prerequisite for:
F&ES 661: Analysis and Development of Silvicultural Prescriptions
F&ES 954: Management Plans for Protected Areas
F&ES 969: Rapid Assessments in Forest Conservation

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