F&ES 577b / 2014-2015

PSC: Environmental Communicator (Jan 26- Mar 2)

Credits: 1

Spring 2015: M, 6:00-8:00, Bowers
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This course prepares students for the communication tasks they will face as an environmental professional, researcher, or employee.  In their careers, most professionals spend more than half their work time communicating with others, both inside and outside their organization. To advance in their careers and contribute to the progress of an environmental cause, students need a refined ability to communicate their ideas with clarity and credibility. This course focuses on building a constellation of skills that students can apply to their work. They learn how to use communication to influence others, advocate their ideas, and collaborate with colleagues on project teams. Course topics include strategy in communication, diplomatic language, public speaking, writing styles, listening to people, and framing environmental issues for the public.  The course meets weekly for a lecture-demonstration followed by breakouts that allow students to reinforce new communicative behaviors in simulated job tasks, such as project meetings, budget requests, and public hearings.

Limited to 45
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