F&ES 954a / 2013-2014

Management Plans for Protected Areas

Credits: 6
Fall 2013: W, 1:00-3:50, 301 Prospect
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A seminar that comprises the documentation of land use history and zoning, mapping and interpretation, and the collection and analysis of socioeconomic, biological, and physical information for the construction of management plans. Plans are constructed for lands managed by the Nature Conservancy; Massachusetts Trustees of Reservations; private industrial and nonindustrial landowners; town land trusts; city parks and woodlands of New Haven, New York, and Boston; and the Appalachian Mountain Club. This fall we focus on the Quiet Corner Initiative. Prerequisite: F&ES 659b or 660a, or permission of the instructor. Ten days fieldwork. Limited enrollment.

Prerequisites for F&ES 954:
F&ES 659: Principles in Applied Ecology: The Practice of Silviculture
F&ES 660: Forest Dynamics: Growth and Development of Forest Stands
F&ES 804: Economics of Natural Resource Management
or permission of instructor.
Limited enrollment.
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