[F&ES 862b] / 2013-2014

Advanced Seminar in Social and Political Dimensions of Climate Change

Credits: 3

Spring 2014: Time and location TBA


This seminar explores advanced topics in social and political aspects of climate change. Topics will vary from year to year and may include societal impacts of climate change, vulnerability and adaptation, ethics and justice, economics, international relations, or climate change mitigation strategies. Students will work individually or in small groups and focus intensively on a single topic for the semester. When possible, the topic(s) that students work on will be derived from real projects and developed in conjunction with outside organizations that are actively working on climate-related issues. Each year, the course may involve a trip to the annual climate change negotiations (COP XX).There, students will have an opportunity to see how the topics that they studied are debated at the highest level of global environmental governance. Students will also have a chance to attend numerous side events, where civil society groups, multilateral organizations, and the private sector converge to discuss the latest developments in climate policy. Students may have an opportunity to present at these events.