F&ES 848a / 2013-2014

Climate Change: Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation 

Credits: 3
Fall 2013: Tu, 2:30-5:20, Bowers
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This is an interdisciplinary graduate course designed for students who are familiar with the basic science of climate change and the international negotiations that have occurred since the drafting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 1992. The course draws on diverse fields ranging from economics to international relations and energy systems analysis. We examine climate change from an international perspective, with particular emphasis placed on the world’s developing countries. The course opens with a brief review of the latest scientific findings, the most recent developments in climate change policy, and an overview of common tools that analysts use to examine the climate question. We then devote roughly half of the term to examining climate change impacts and adaptation and half to mitigation. In looking at impacts and adaptation, we examine social and biophysical vulnerabilities to environmental change and explore the policies and measures that have been proposed to minimize the impacts of climate change. In examining mitigation, we discuss technological options, policies, and socioeconomic impacts of mitigative measures. The course has a mixed lecture-discussion format. Participation during discussion is strongly encouraged and is incorporated in student evaluations. In addition, there are several guest speakers and potentially one field trip to the United Nations.

Course enrollment limited to 25.
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