F&ES 845b / 2013-2014

Energy Issues in Developing Countries 

Credits: 3

Spring 2014: Th, 2:30-5:20, Sage 24


This graduate course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore the interrelationships among energy, environment, economic development, and social welfare in developing countries. Throughout the course, we consider the role that people, industries, and state institutions play in supplying and consuming energy-based resources in countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and much of Asia. The goal of the course is to understand the many ways in which energy is used by the majority of the world’s population and to examine some of the tensions that exist among environmental sustainability, economic growth, and quality of life within the context of non-Western, nonindustrialized, and/or industrializing populations. Class meetings consist of a short lecture followed by discussion; therefore reading and participation are critical components of the course and students are evaluated based on their contributions to the discussion.

Students are strongly encouraged to have prior knowledge of basic energy issues.