F&ES 840b/LAW 21754 / 2013-2014

Climate Change and the Quest for Green Energy

Credits: 3

Spring 2014: M,W, 8:30-10:00, LAW School - SLB 128 (starting Jan 22)
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Info session scheduled Wed, Jan 15 8:30-9:15 - Bowers Auditorium

Regular Course Meets on Law School Calendar. First Class January 22

Climate Change and the Quest for Clean Energy.  This course will examine the scientific, economic, legal, political, institutional, and historic underpinnings of climate change and the related policy challenge of developing the energy system needed to support a prosperous and sustainable modern society. Particular attention will be given to analyzing the existing framework of treaties, law, regulations, and policy -- and the incentives they have created -- which have done little over the past several decades to change the world’s trajectory with regard to the build-up of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. What would a twenty-first-century policy framework that is designed to deliver a sustainable energy future and a successful response to climate change look like? How would such a framework address issues of equity?  How might incentives be structured to engage the business community and deliver the innovation needed in many domains?  While designed as a lecture course, class sessions will be highly interactive.  Also F&ES 840b. Self-scheduled examination or paper option.
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