F&ES 835a / 2013-2014

Land Use Planning Seminar

Credits: 1
Fall 2013: Tu, 4:00-5:00, Kroon 319
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Land use in the US encompasses the interacting factors of land ecological function, building design, economic development, and community support.  Planning for land use and techniques used to implement these plans determine where development occurs on the American landscape.  This plays a key role in determining how the needs of the nation’s growing population for housing and non-residential development are accommodated and how natural resources and environmental functions are protected from the adverse impacts of land development.  This survey course explores the multifaceted discipline of land use planning and its associated ecological implications.  Land use strategies identify land functions, incentivize energy efficient and climate resilient structures, and harness community and market support for effective land use decision making.  When done well, land use planning possesses the capacity to maximize utility while minimizing environmental damage. The focus of this seminar is to expose students to the basics of land use planning in the US and to serve as an introduction for the FES curriculum concentration in land use. Guest speakers are professionals involved in sustainable development, land conservation, smart growth, and climate change management.  Classes will focus on current issues in domestic land use and include discussion on the trajectory for professions and career paths in this sector.

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