[F&ES 794a] / 2013-2014

Sem:Making Better Decisions with Environmental Applications

Credits: 1
Fall 2013: Time and location TBA


Students use the assigned text, Making Better Decisions by Itzhak Gilboa, as a basis for discussions about decision making in the context of environmental management and more broadly. Discussions focus on what constitutes a defensible decision, common pitfalls in decision making, consumption of scientific evidence and statistical data by decision makers, risk, uncertainty, and issues related to normative criteria for making decisions. Students identify an environmental decision-making case study of their own interest and keep a running journal that assesses how decision makers address the principles of decision making covered by Gilboa and discussed during class meetings. Students take turns leading discussions about decision-making principles and how these principles are or are not used in their case studies. If all goes well, at the end of the term we jointly summarize and edit the journals into a review article for publication.