F&ES 773a/CENG 373a/ENVE 373a / 2013-2014

Air Pollution Control (APC)

Credits: 3
Fall 2013: Tu,Th, 4:00-5:15, Mason Lab Room 104
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Thermodynamics and kinetics of chemical reactions associated with the primary air pollutants. Conventional environmental control technologies of air pollutants emitted from fossil-fired power plants. Design and performance characteristics of air pollution-control technologies. State-of-the-art computer models for evaluating air pollution-control technologies and hybrid power generation, renewable-energy sources. Electricity generation from nuclear power and its environmental impact. Technologies for CO2-emission reduction, including oxy-combustion using air liquefaction, chemical-looping combustion (CLC), and chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling (CLOU). Prerequisite: 

Prerequisite: CENG 210a or permission of the instructor.
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